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Administrative Action Preceeding Litigation
Variable Name
Spaeth Name
125 [ view ]

This variable pertains to administrative agency activity occurring prior to the onset of litigation. Note that the activity may involve an administrative official as well as that of an agency. The general rule for an entry in this variable is whether administrative action occurred in the context of the case. Note too that this variable identifies the specific federal agency. If the action occurred in a state agency, adminAction is coded as 117 (State Agency). See the variable adminActionState for the identity of the state.

Determination of whether administration action occurred in the context of the case was made by reading the material which appears in the summary of the case (the material preceding the Court's opinion) and, if necessary, those portions of the prevailing opinion headed by a I or II.

Action by an agency official is considered to be administrative action except when such an official acts to enforce criminal law.

If an agency or agency official "denies" a "request" that action be taken, such denials are considered agency action.

If two federal agencies are mentioned (e.g., INS and BIA), the one whose action more directly bears on the dispute will appear; otherwise the agency that acted more recently. If a state and federal agency are mentioned, the federal agency will appear.

Excluded from entry in this variable are:

  • A "challenge" to an unapplied agency rule, regulation, etc.
    A request for an injunction or a declaratory judgment against agency action which, though anticipated, has not yet occurred.

  • A mere request for an agency to take action when there is no evidence that the agency did so.

  • Agency or official action to enforce criminal law.
    The hiring and firing of political appointees or the procedures whereby public officials are appointed to office.

  • Attorney general preclearance actions pertaining to voting.
    Filing fees or nominating petitions required for access to the ballot.

  • Actions of courts martial.

  • Land condemnation suits and quiet title actions instituted in a court.

  • Federally funded private nonprofit organizations.

Nite that the following list of agencies amy also be found as a petitoner or respondent variable.
1 Army and Air Force Exchange Service
2 Atomic Energy Commission
3 Secretary or administrative unit or personnel of the U.S. Air Force
4 Department or Secretary of Agriculture
5 Alien Property Custodian
6 Secretary or administrative unit or personnel of the U.S. Army
7 Board of Immigration Appeals
8 Bureau of Indian Affairs
9 Bureau of Prisons
10 Bonneville Power Administration
11 Benefits Review Board
12 Civil Aeronautics Board
13 Bureau of the Census
14 Central Intelligence Agency
15 Commodity Futures Trading Commission
16 Department or Secretary of Commerce
17 Comptroller of Currency
18 Consumer Product Safety Commission
19 Civil Rights Commission
20 Civil Service Commission, U.S.
21 Customs Service or Commissioner or Collector of Customs
22 Defense Base Closure and REalignment Commission
23 Drug Enforcement Agency
24 Department or Secretary of Defense (and Department or Secretary of War)
25 Department or Secretary of Energy
26 Department or Secretary of the Interior
27 Department of Justice or Attorney General
28 Department or Secretary of State
29 Department or Secretary of Transportation
30 Department or Secretary of Education
31 U.S. Employees' Compensation Commission, or Commissioner
32 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
33 Environmental Protection Agency or Administrator
34 Federal Aviation Agency or Administration
35 Federal Bureau of Investigation or Director
36 Federal Bureau of Prisons
37 Farm Credit Administration
38 Federal Communications Commission (including a predecessor, Federal Radio Commission)
39 Federal Credit Union Administration
40 Food and Drug Administration
41 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
42 Federal Energy Administration
43 Federal Election Commission
44 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
45 Federal Housing Administration
46 Federal Home Loan Bank Board
47 Federal Labor Relations Authority
48 Federal Maritime Board
49 Federal Maritime Commission
50 Farmers Home Administration
51 Federal Parole Board
52 Federal Power Commission
53 Federal Railroad Administration
54 Federal Reserve Board of Governors
55 Federal Reserve System
56 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
57 Federal Trade Commission
58 Federal Works Administration, or Administrator
59 General Accounting Office
60 Comptroller General
61 General Services Administration
62 Department or Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
63 Department or Secretary of Health and Human Services
64 Department or Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
65 Administrative agency established under an interstate compact (except for the MTC)
66 Interstate Commerce Commission
67 Indian Claims Commission
68 Immigration and Naturalization Service, or Director of, or District Director of, or Immigration and Naturalization Enforcement
69 Internal Revenue Service, Collector, Commissioner, or District Director of
70 Information Security Oversight Office
71 Department or Secretary of Labor
72 Loyalty Review Board
73 Legal Services Corporation
74 Merit Systems Protection Board
75 Multistate Tax Commission
76 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
77 Secretary or administrative unit or personnel of the U.S. Navy
78 National Credit Union Administration
79 National Endowment for the Arts
80 National Enforcement Commission
81 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
82 National Labor Relations Board, or regional office or officer
83 National Mediation Board
84 National Railroad Adjustment Board
85 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
86 National Security Agency
87 Office of Economic Opportunity
88 Office of Management and Budget
89 Office of Price Administration, or Price Administrator
90 Office of Personnel Management
91 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
92 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
93 Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
94 Patent Office, or Commissioner of, or Board of Appeals of
95 Pay Board (established under the Economic Stabilization Act of 1970)
96 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
97 U.S. Public Health Service
98 Postal Rate Commission
99 Provider Reimbursement Review Board
100 Renegotiation Board
101 Railroad Adjustment Board
102 Railroad Retirement Board
103 Subversive Activities Control Board
104 Small Business Administration
105 Securities and Exchange Commission
106 Social Security Administration or Commissioner
107 Selective Service System
108 Department or Secretary of the Treasury
109 Tennessee Valley Authority
110 United States Forest Service
111 United States Parole Commission
112 Postal Service and Post Office, or Postmaster General, or Postmaster
113 United States Sentencing Commission
114 Veterans' Administration or Board of Veterans' Appeals
115 War Production Board
116 Wage Stabilization Board
117 State Agency
118 Unidentifiable
119 Office of Thrift Supervision
120 Department of Homeland Security
121 Board of General Appraisers
122 Board of Tax Appeals
123 General Land Office or Commissioners
124 NO Admin Action
125 Processing Tax Board of Review
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