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Issue Area
Variable Name
Spaeth Name
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This variable simply separates the issues identified in the preceding variable (issue) into the following larger categories: criminal procedure (issues 10010-10600), civil rights (issues 20010-20410), First Amendment (issues 30010-30020), due process (issues 40010-40070), privacy (issues 50010-50040), attorneys' or governmental officials' fees or compensation (issues 60010-60040), unions (issues 70010-70210), economic activity (issues 80010-80350), judicial power (issues 90010-90520), federalism (issues 100010-100130), interstate relation (issues 110010-110030), federal taxation (issues 120010-120040), miscellaneous (issues 130010-130020), and private law (issues 140010-140080).

Note that the grossness of this variable conceals the differences among the specific issues that the issue area contains. For the specific issues, see variable issue.

Also note that some of the issues in an issue area will have a distinctive direction at variance from the issue area's overal direction. E.g., the liability variables 80060, 80070, and 80080. See decision direction.
1 Criminal Procedure
2 Civil Rights
3 First Amendment
4 Due Process
5 Privacy
6 Attorneys
7 Unions
8 Economic Activity
9 Judicial Power
10 Federalism
11 Interstate Relations
12 Federal Taxation
13 Miscellaneous
14 Private Action
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