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Winning Party
Variable Name
Spaeth Name
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This variable indicates whether the petitioning party (i.e., the plaintiff or the appellant) emerged victorious. The victory the Supreme Court provided the petitioning party may not have been total and complete (e.g., by vacating and remanding the matter rather than an unequivocal reversal), but the disposition is nonetheless a favorable one.

With some adjustments, we coded this variable according to the following rules:
  • The petitioning party lost if the Supreme Court affirmed (caseDisposition=2) or dismissed the case/denied the petition (caseDisposition=9). 
  • The petitioning party won in part or in full if the Supreme Court reversed (caseDisposition=3), reversed and remanded (caseDisposition= 4), vacated and remanded (caseDisposition=5), affirmed and reversed in part (caseDisposition=6), affirmed and reverse in part and remanded (caseDisposition=7), or vacated (caseDisposition=8)
  • The petitioning party won or lost may be unclear if the Court certified to/from a lower court.
    0 no favorable disposition for petitioning party apparent
    1 petitioning party received a favorable disposition
    2 favorable disposition for petitioning party unclear
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